SoulCycle Instructors Accused Of Homphobia, Racism, And More

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Top Ranked SoulCycle Instructors Are Being Called Out For Sleeping With Clientele & Homophobic Insults

There’s a good chance you’ve probably heard of one of the more recent workout crazes called SoulCycle. To put it simply, you’re given a special shoe which locks you onto a workout bike and you pedal your heart out, sometimes in the heat, for an hour while listening to EDM music, use weights at particular parts, and are led by a bubbly, quasi-inspirational instructor who wants you to be the best you possible. It’s all the rage in major cities and has a cult following, as parodied by Amy Schumer in her latest film, I Feel Pretty. Last year, the company came under fire for its owner being a supporter of Donald Trump, but now they are being labeled with some scarlet letters after recent customers have been sharing their experiences with a handful of leading instructors.


According to the New York Post, SoulCycle is back in headlines for hiring homophobic, fat-shaming, racists who sleep with customers. These employees weren’t just receptionists or entry-level, they had been given “master instructor” status and had a list of prior complaints… they just happened to make the most money for the company, so it was ignored. Sound familiar?

One male instructor, Conor Kelly, has allegations of calling an African American woman “Aunt Jemima”, sent multiple employees and clients nude photos, and was sleeping with clients that would eventually seep over into problems… since these clients are/were allegedly married. Mike Press, another instructor, was accused of pressuring a customer to giving him fellatio in her New York dorm room. The customer and her friends tried contacting SoulCycle, even Tweeting to corporate, but were ignored.

Top-billed female instructors have been long complained about as well. New York instructor, Laurie Cole, allegedly had moved a pregnant woman from the front row to the back as the front row is reserved for the most attractive customers. Cole also has allegations of getting receptionists removed who she deemed “curvy” AKA overweight – going so far as to secretly photographing them and sending them to corporate to have them removed. When a gay instructor was hired, Cole allegedly complained that the location better not start “hiring a bunch of twinks.”

SoulCycle is saving face, releasing a statement they are taking the allegations seriously and will be investigating and addressing the allegations.


Have you ever felt shamed at SoulCycle or are you taking your wallet elsewhere?

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Source: LGBTQ Nation, New York Post