Spending the Night in Fort Lauderdale with the Zakar Twins

Photo supplied by The Zakar Twins and Murray & Peter Present

“Who can pass up gay twins.” That was the message my Georgia friend sent me as he drove down to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend.  The twins he was referring to are the Zakar twins, boys I had covered a little over 3 and a half years ago (Zakar Twins Read Grindr Messages) when they started to get their social media following. Following their joint account, I had known they had released the book “Pray the Gay Away” and had now created a “True Life Coming Out Comedy” based on their book. I had seen it was coming to town and was actually having its World Premier here in Fort Lauderdale.

With VIP Pass/Tickets in hand, we showed up to the Broward Center for Performing Arts and the Amaturo Theater to meet the twins for a quick meet and greet. Zachary and Michael were clad in their rainbow tank tops, beautiful brown eyes, and cute contagious smiles. When approaching them on stage for the photo opp and when asked to pick a twin, latched onto Michael (sorry Zachary).  They were fun and treated everyone so well for the photo snatching. We were told we could get a pic per ticket so I decided to go with my friend Fred to get a couple of pics, but they did about 4 or 5.  The staff helping out were very pleasant as the energy was light-hearted and easy.  The bar was open already and the double Crown and cran was nice, too.

Photo from thechimneyhouse.net

We arrived for the meet and greet at 6, which was a fast, enjoyable, well-organized, and easy process, and since the show was to start at 8, we walked over to The Chimney House, a Latin American Grille and Café, for a quick and easy meal.  If you were to do the sam, we would recommend a reservation as there were plenty of tables when we arrived, but it filled up quick.  The Chimney House offers a three course $29 per person “Pre-Theater Prix Fixe Menu” (see image below) which was a great option for the evening. With the show starting at 8, walking, eating, and walking back to the Broward Center made for the perfect beginning to a great evening.

Curtains up and bam! Right from the beginning, you were reassured that this was a story you as a gay man would relate to on many levels.  We all have our coming out stories, our sexual exploits, first experiences, first crushes, and the Zakar twins and the “Pray the Gay Away” writers wrap all of these items and more into an enjoyable, funny, sexy evening. Yes, the preview video is cute and corny, but the show was umpteen times better than that quick clip (the wig got better, too. see below). 

Kelley striking a pose as the boy’s mother (Photo supplied by The Zakar Twins and Murray & Peter Present)

The boys are not a one-set of twins show.  They add to the playbill four wonderful costars that help their story explode in its presence and presentation.  From the supporting roles of gameshow host Cory Shorter and the Big Gay Angel by Zach Morgan to the perfectly casted roles played by Jeffrey James Fox and Vince Kelley, the show had no duds.  Yes, the boys/twins don’t have the polished acting talents of Broadway stars, but they do well remembering lines, dealing with timing, waiting for the laughs to end, and the most important part, telling their story.  They were entertaining and of course held our attention (being in their underwear often was an added bonus).

Photo supplied by The Zakar Twins and Murray Peter Present

But the supporting cast and the writing did make the show go from an 8 to an 11. Fox threw his tight taught smooth body into the multiple roles of the Catholic Priest, prison cop, Angel companion, and the fellow student the boys first and separately played with sexually. Many shoes and many booty shorts were worn by Fox and they were worn well.  He was joined supporting the twins by Vince Kelley, a superb female impersonator that had the daunting role of playing the boy’s mother.  Kelley’s bio in the playbill says he is not a drag queen and he was far from a drag.  “What will she do next” would run through my head whenever Kelley entered and for that matter exited a scene.  I was a little surprised and pleasantly pleased when it turned into the Fox/Kelley Musical as the performers shared with us their singing talents in a handful of impressive musical numbers.

Drinks, some quick snap shots, dinner, more drinks, and a show.  You can do a quick spur of the moment theatre night or plan it for when friends come to town.  Fort Lauderdale offers this all the time, every weekend.  Having the LGBTQ themed entertainment and nightlife steps away is one of the main reasons I moved to this town from Maine.  I just needed to be reminded of that fact that there are some great and inexpensive resources to help you enjoy your good ol’ gay life.  Thanks, friends, for pulling me away from the jobs and getting me back into the gay swing of things. 

I was impressed with the Broward Center for the Arts / Amaturo Theater for holding such a performance. Their staff was great, the 500+ seat smaller Amaturo Theater was a perfect intimate environment in comparison to the larger theater where I had seen shows like Kinky Boots. If you are in the area, please check some other intimate venues in the area like Empire Stage (http://www.empirestage.com/) and the Island City Stage (https://islandcitystage.org/) for more great opportunities to view LGBTQ performance art in the Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors area.

Photo supplied by The Zakar Twins and Murray & Peter Present

“Pray the Gay Away” will be in Fort Lauderdale until September 8th, extending their stay to three weeks from the original two. I recommend it for an evening of entertainment that has something for every gay.  It’s cute, sexy, truthful, and fun.  

Wanna see the boys?

The Boward Center for the Performing arts – last show September 8th


The Cowles Center – Minneapolis, MN – September 12- 22


St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in the Bluma Appel Theatre – Toronto   October 3rd – 13th


Those are the remaining performance dates at this time for 2019.  Talking with the twins, they will look to be adding more dates and more cities for 2020 and will end their US/North American Tour in New York City. Keep up to date by going to Zakartwins.com or Instagram: @zakartwins

I’ll leave you with some other pics from the show and the meet and greet.

One or even two of these men in this picture are actual men of the cloth.


As you can see, it was a fun evening had by all. 


Photo supplied by The Zakar Twins and Murray & Peter Present
Chimney House Grille and Café



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