Sports Superstar Banks More From Instagram Than On Soccer Field

Cristiano Ronaldo (image via Instagram)

It sure pays to be popular.

And hot.

According to Business Insider, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo earns more from his Instagram account than he does from playing for his Italian soccer club Juventus.

The 34-year-old hottie is the most followed person on Instagram with over 187 million followers. And he puts that fame and celebrity to work.

Social media firm Hopper HQ reports that Ronaldo has earned $47.8 million from his 49 sponsored posts on the photo-centric social media platform.

That’s more than the reported $34 million a year he earns from his day job.

One marketing executive told Hopper HQ, “Companies are paying almost $1 million for posts to access his insane reach.”

It also puts him way ahead of other Insta-celebs. 

Fellow soccer star Leo Messi came in second with $23.3 million in Insta-earnings, followed by reality star Kendall Jenner with $15.9 million.

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Here are some of the more recent sponsored posts by Ronaldo:

(source: Business Insider)

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