Steven Davies to End 20 Year Cricket Career

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It’s the end of an era! 

Out professional cricket player Steven Davies is retiring from the sport once the 2023 season is over. The news broke on September 15th when his current team, Somerset, released an official statement on their website. 


Davies has played as a batsman for Somerset since 2017. Their statement reads:

I feel that now is the right time for me to retire. I always said to the Club that as soon as we get the right person in place to take over, I would step aside and let them get their exposure and learning done while they are young. I think we can all agree that Somerset are in safe hands with Rewy behind the stumps! I’d like to thank all the Members and supporters from Worcestershire, Surrey and Somerset who have always shown me great support. I also need to thank all the Directors of Cricket, CEOs, coaches and staff for all the opportunities they have given me.


Davies has worked as a professional cricket player since 2003, which brings his career to a two-decade high before retirement. Previous teams to have him on their roster include Worcestershire (2003 to 2009) and Surrey (2010 to 2016). He’s also played for several international cricket teams. 

Cricket is most associated with baseball in The United States.

The 37-year-old Englishman made history in February 2011 when he came out publicly to The Telegraph, which ultimately led him to become the first out gay, professional cricket player in history. Obviously, he can be credited with helping to stir the acceptance of gay men in the sports field. 


Steven doesn’t use social media often, but it looks like he enjoys sightseeing, spending time with friends and family, and sharing progressive gay news. He was last active on Instagram in May 2022. 

Congratulations on a long career, Mr. Davies, and we cannot wait to see where you end up next! 

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