Survey: Are Gaymers More Into PlayStation Or XBOX?

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A new study looked into how LGBTQ people inhabit the world of gaming.

The Nielsen Games 360 Survey is an annual survey that looks into the ways that people game. On top of that, it looks at who is gaming in the first place. When it comes to LGBTQ gamers, there’s a lot to say.


According to Out Magazine, the survey found that 10% of all gamers over the age of 18 identify as LGBTQ. The survey then broke down the pool of LGBTQ gamers even further. Out of the 2,000 LGBTQ gamers over the age of 13, 40% identified as gay or lesbian, 50% identify as bisexual, and 10% identify as transgender or non-binary.

But despite only 10% of gamers being LGBTQ, we contribute more to the gaming community. The survey found that LGBTQ gamers spend 8% more money a month on games than straight gamers. On average, we spend $16.01 to every straight gamers’ $14.78.

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The data didn’t stop there. The Nielson gaming survey also found that LGBTQ gamers were more likely to be console owners than PC owners. 77 percent of LGBTQ gamers owned a console while 29 percent were PC-based. The majority, however, can agree that mobile games are not worth it. While 51 percent supported consoles, only 13 percent said they preferred mobile games. And which consoles were LGBTQ gamers’ choice? PlayStation led the pack with a 38% support from LGBTQ gamers. Meanwhile, XBOX had 22 percent of respondents’ support and Nintendo garnered 19 percent.


Lastly, the types of games played. LGBTQ gamers were found to be more likely into playing simulation games than their straight peers. 26 percent vs 17 percent on consoles, 41 percent vs 25 percent on PC, and 40 percent vs 28 percent on mobile.

“The survey really shows us that there is a thriving sub-community within the extensive world of gaming that has a voice and impact on the industry at-large,” a Nielsen representative told Out. “LGBTQ+ gamers are active gamers—though this shouldn’t be surprising, as LGBTQ+ consumers are very active consumers of media and tend to be on the cutting edge of most media trends.”

What are your thoughts on all this data, gaymers? Do you agree with other LGBTQ gamers or do you have differing opinions?

h/t: Out Magazine

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  1. I think that if the gay community feels the need to change decades of games production to fit their “personal sexual desires” that they probably shouldnt play games then..

    People need to leave their sexuality out of every damn subject at hand, nobody cares if you are gay and you dont deserve more respect or special attention for your sexual desires.. Grow up


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