Survivor: Ghost Island Releases Cast Photos!

Survivor: Ghost Island Releases Cast Photos!

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, And Outlast Their Competitors?

Ahh, one of the good ole’ reality television classics. Nope, I’m not talking about all the buzz surrounding the Celebrity Big Brother cast – instead, I’m talking about what some would argue to be the first reality competition show, Survivor. Mark Burnett’s billion dollar creation is now on its THIRTY-FIFTH SEASON. Did you hear me correctly?! This show has been on since I was like, in second grade – how is this possible?! It’s EIGHTEEN-YEARS-OLD! Insane. Has anyone from the show even seen much success outside of right-wing nut job, Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselback? Should we like, be disgracing the series for bringing her view into our homes – or are we letting them slide?

Anyway, I’m sitting here chain smoking trying to determine my favorite of the new cast. Obviously, I will always choose a woman’s side – but I know that some of us aren’t really watching Survivor to see repeated strategy – we want to see the hunks roaming around shirtless. If there’s anything good to come from reality television – it’s definitely some new, cute faces that will give us a tingle. I did you a favor and am going to introduce to you Survivor: Ghost Island’s greatest man-candy. Please send any shirtless or bulge GIFs my way – thanks!

Alright, so here’s the Malolo Tribe, it looks like they’ll be represented by the color Orange:

But, let’s check out the tribe’s beefiest castaways from left to right:

Brendan Shapiro / 41 / Gym Teacher

Okay!! Come through, ZZZAAADDDDYYY Brendan!! My pick for the winner – just give him the check, or my number!

James Lim / 24 / Business Analyist

Don’t quote me – but I think this may be our gay! Damn that’s good hair!

Michael Yerger / 18 / Real Estate Agent

An eighteen-year-old Real Estate Agent? I mean, Michael is making me melt – but when I was eighteen I was barely able to decide on what alcohol didn’t make me sick. Who is this genius?!

Next is the Naviti Tribe, they are represented by the color Purple:

And let’s check out the hotties from left to right:

Chris Noble / 27 / Model

Obviously this guy is a model. Let’s hope he’ll have more to him than just those incredibly dreamy looks!

Domenick Abbate / 38 / Construction Supervisor

Okay – you’ve won me over being a hot, daddy Construction Worker! I would not be able to focus on the game or even sleep. Since CBS is not showcasing his body, I’m assuming he has Dad-Bod?! PERFECT!

Sebastian Noel / 22 / Fishing Guide

A Fishing Guide that looks like this?! Sign me up for this vacation excursion – immediately!

Survivor: Ghost Island premiers on CBS on Wednesday, February 28th at 8/7c. Where will you be tuning in?!

Catch the full cast list HERE!

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