Susan Olsen Fired From LA Talk Radio For Homophobic Rant.


Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.  We know momma Florence did not teach you to talk like that.

The Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen who played Cindy seems to have a lot of negative things to say and they're a little a lot homophobic.



She often appeared (yes, past tense) on LA DJ Sheena Metal’s weekly talk show called Two Chicks Talking Politics.  It looks like her talking, at least on LA Talk Radio is done for a while. She was fired, not for praising Trump in March and other controversial things said, but for her actions this past week.

What started as a little Facebook war, most likely stemming from her Trump support ended with Cindy looking for employment.


Olsen attacked actor Leon Acord-Whiting after he slammed her for “spreading outrageous information.”

Olsen lashed back at the actor on social media, threatening him and calling him a “little piece of human waste”.


She wrote, “Hey there little p*ssy, let me get my big boy pants on and really take you on! What a snake in the grass you are, you lying piece of sh*t. Too cowardly to confront me in real life so you do it on Facebook. You are the biggest f*ggot ass in the world, the biggest p*ssy!”

She adds, “My dick is bigger than yours which ain’t saying much! What a true piece of sh*t you are! Lying f*ggot! I hope you meet your karma slowly and painfully.”

Well, where is that bar of soap?  No soap was around so instead a dismissal of employment occurred.  Bye Cindy!

LA Talk Radio released this statement on their Facebook page yesterday.




I think she might be done for a while folks.  Unless Trump wants her in charge of the FCC.






4 thoughts on “Susan Olsen Fired From LA Talk Radio For Homophobic Rant.”

  1. Florence Henderson’s body is

    Florence Henderson's body is barely cold and she's rolling in her grave over this on. Shame on you, Cindy Brady!!!

  2. The Evil One would probably

    The Evil One would probably read this article and smile that disgusting smirk of his.  The future of this country is so sad.  It wouldn't be at all if only Clinton had been elected.


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