Taiwanese Actor Outed By Spurned Boyfriend (One of Three!)

Photos Allegedly Showing Aaron Yan Kissing His Alleged Three Boyfriends / Image via Mirror Media

A Taiwanese star is in headlines after his personal life went for a major tailspin.

Unfortunately, Taiwanese news outlets have outed actor/singer Aaron Yan after he was accused of dating three men simultaneously.

Photos and text messages involving the 32-year-old were shared by one of the allegedly cheated on boyfriends with news sources.

This boyfriend, who remains anonymous, recounts Yan being a caring and compassionate boyfriend. Yan paid for the boyfriend’s rent, an airplane ticket to go abroad, and introduced him to Yan’s friends, according to the Shanghaiist.

After two years of dating however, Yan allegedly became more distant. This spurred on investigation from this boyfriend who later discovered that Yan was dating two other men. The boyfriend then chose to share the evidence with news sources and to out the celebrity.

Aaron Yan’s sexuality and alleged three boyfriends soon became the biggest news in Taiwan and China. Yan’s manager then tried to diffuse the situation by saying that Yan wasn’t cheating on three men. He says in the photo to the left, Yan’s hairstyle is different indicating it’s an older photo. The manager also says that the man in the other two photos is the same person.






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“There is no cheating going on,” said the manager in a statement. “We will be discussing how to deal with these fake reports with our lawyer.”

Then yesterday, Yan published an official statement apologizing for his personal drama becoming so public. That said, he did not address whether the allegations are true or not.

“I am deeply sorry for failing to properly manage my private life, causing it to be revealed in such a way,” Yan wrote. “I’ve always treated everyone with sincerity, but I’m also an ordinary person with my own shortcomings, failings, and feelings.”

“I once revealed my true feelings to another person, but, when it ended, I didn’t properly handle the situation and it turned into something that I did not expect,” he added before apologizing to his loved ones, fans, and his label.

No matter what, Aaron Yan, who started out as a member of boy band Faranheit, has had a major hit to his public persona and reputation.

Several people are discussing the situation on social media.





#Trending! #AaronYan unfairly outed by media, rumored to have cheated on alleged boyfriend with two other men. He apologizes in official statement released to press: formally responded and wrote a nearly 400-word long apology: "I am sorry that I have not handled my own private life, forcing me to be presented in this way. I am very sincere to everyone. Treat, but I am also an ordinary person, with many shortcomings and ordinary feelings." He also apologized to his family, friends and fans in the article, and thanked the company Huayan International for its tolerance and respect. "I used to give true feelings to people, but at the end of the process, I didn't have a good deal of things that caused things to evolve into such a situation. I was very sorry for the people I caused. I will study hard and let the review go. I am a better person, I am sorry to cause the injuries of these people in the news event, I am sorry." Anyone making rude comments about Aaron will be blocked we dont allow that on our page Love is Love We support you AARON Chinese media reported that actor – singer Aaron Yan had three boyfriends, all three people posted photos, messages exposed the real face. Page Mirror Media posted many photos Arron kissed three different boys during dating. These photos were launched by three boyfriends to get revenge on the actor. Aaron Yan, famous for his role as Fahrenheit and starring in idol dramas, was born in 1985. His most recent work is The Flowing Flower Bouquetwith Chung Han Liang, Jiang Chart, broadcast in early 2018. He had gay rumors many years before being caught out gay bar, has an affair with a boyfriend named A Ben. However, he always negates. Will update more when details are released. Aaron Yan's manager, on the other hand, expressed that the photos were misleading; claiming that, "the photo with person A wasn't from 2018 as can be seen through Aaron's hairstyle." Furthermore, he also asserts that "Person B and Person C are just the same person," insisting that the cheating on three men never happened.

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