Talyor Swift redone – for a good time and a good cause.

I remember a status update from my good friend Jay stated, “ I just realized the song I’ve been jamming out to for the past week is done by Taylor Swift!”  I am not sure if he was embarrassed or shocked, but yes, her catchy tune “Shake it Off” may have caught others off guard as an instigator of a toe tapping, steering wheel banging good time.


Apparently the boys at Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Mu fraternity have been studying the lyrics of Swift’s new 1989 hit as well.  The single shot video is a hoot to watch, all shot in and out of dorm rooms, down hallways, and full of some Transylvania University eye candy. 





How do the college administrators feel about the boys becoming a YouTube hit?  Well maybe we will need to ask them after the boys get back from an upcoming Taylor Swift concert.   The singer has tweeted that she has invited the guys to one of her shows next year. 


Sticking with Swift’s recent swearing off of dating, she has extended the invitation to cover the guy’s dates as well. 




I don’t know Taylor, this little Super-Ginger may have my vote as the cutest one in the video and he may be single!  All the boys tried hard to impress.  Wanna see the video and pick your favorite? Take a look for yourself here.


Reading a little more into the video’s Youtube page, it appears the boys did not do this for recognition from Swift, but did the video as a fundraiser for #teamtorsie and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  See, college kids can have a good time and make a difference at the same time. Transylvania University should be proud of their lip-syncing frat boys.   And thanks to the little Super-Ginger, I’ll be donating and you can too by following this link.

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