Teen Arrested After Hoax Bomb Threat on Gay Bar

Randolph Goodwin, just eighteen-years-old, was recently arrested after threatening to blow up a bar in Melbourne, Florida, according to LGBTQ Nation

On January 31, Goodwin called The Twisted Rooster and asked the person who answered if gay people drink there. The staffer who answered said that The Twisted Rooster is a "no labels bar" and told Goodwin the bar's operating times. This is when Goodwin became agitated and screamed at the staff member that he was going to blow up the bar and hung up. 

Goodwin attempted to conceal his identity by using a blocked number and spoke with a Middle Eastern accent. Detectives were able to trace the call and identify him as the caller. He claims that the call was one in a string of prank calls that he and his friends made that day and he meant it as a joke. 

No explosives were discovered at the bar. 

The management team of The Twisted Rooster posted on their Facebook page that they “Will not tolerate any kind of hate crime, and it stops here!” 

Following the Pulse shooting in 2016, it is good that the police department took this threat seriously. Goodwin will be in court on February 28th and if found guilty of the crime of creating a false bomb threat, he may face up to 15 years in prison or be fined $10,000. 

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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