Teen on London Tube Strangled & Forced To Apologize For Being Gay

Police are currently looking for two men who attacked a gay teenager on a London tube in October.

On October 21 around 11:10 pm, two men boarded the Jubilee line and starting spurting homophobic slurs at a 19-year-old and his friends.

The friends didn’t take the insults standing down but that only added fuel to the situation and the two aggressors became more hostile. One of the two then grabbed the 19-year-old into a headlock to strangle him.

A British Transport Police spokesperson later retold the events:

“The second offender took the victim’s phone and verbally abused him again, also making threats to stab him.”

“They demanded the victim apologize for being gay which eventually the victim did as he was struggling to breathe. They then let him go and handed back his phone and a fight ensued between the victim’s friends and the offenders.”

Officers do have footage of the event and ask that if anyone recognizes the people in the images, to call and help with the investigation. If you think you know them, call BTP on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016, quoting reference number 273 of 1/12.

The spokesperson later added, “Hate crime will not be tolerated by British Transport Police. We believe that everyone has the right to travel safety.”

“We won’t tolerate behavior where someone is targeted because they are perceived to be different, or made to feel uncomfortable on their journey.”

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  1. When men are so negatively

    When men are so negatively obsessed with homosexuality 1. a sociopath usually with strong religious bias or 2. a repressed one who struggles with his own same-sex feelings who needs to project his self-hatred on someone else also usually due to religious upbringing. Homophobia is usually the sign of internal conflict.

    How can  your world collapse so easily just because someone is gay when someone's homosexuality has no effect in anybody's life? Obviously it is the exteriorisation of personal struggles with same-sex feelings. They see a gay boy/man and they project all that hatred and fear on that person as a threat to their own self. Homophobes deceive no one.

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