That Booty Though! Justin T. Russo’s Perfectly Shows Off His Rear

Illustrator Justin T. Russo is someone that you should know for more than just one reason.

The former Fire Island star has made quite the name for himself in the arts world, as he's shown his incredible pieces that blend entertainment, politics and more at major events over the years including RuPaul's DragCon back in September.

Justin has been experiencing a very successful summer professionally, which saw him develop an amazing t-shirt line exclusively for Etsy. The printed t-shirts that he produced feature a lot of iconic pop culture moments on the front of them, which range from when Monica (Courteney Cox) put a turkey on her head on the sitcom Friends to reintroducing Whoopi Goldberg's memorable line from Ghost with "We are ALL in Danger" and so much more.

He has also become a big social media influencer, where Justin boasts close to 25,000 followers on his Instagram platform alone (you can follow him here). His page has gotten very naughty over the past couple of days, where he's frolicked completely nude while out and about in the Fire Island Pines.

As if that wasn't enough. a brilliant photographer named StoneCreekCity (follow him here) captured his gorgeous body in the buff. Something truly exciting to witness at the end of a blah Monday.


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  1. That is te man we all should

    That is te man we all should marry. There is not one thing wrong with a sexy beast!

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