That Time Bisexual MMA Fighter Jason Ellis Stuffed 52 M&Ms Into His Junk On Stern

Jason Ellis – Howard Stern M&M Challenge

Hot, hunky Aussie MMA FIGHTER Jason Ellis has become quite popular with our readers since we covered his peculiar marriage a few weeks ago. In that story, which referenced Ellis’ recent book promotion interview with OutSports, we shared that Ellis’ wife – an actual female, allows him to have sex outside of their marriage with other men.  

Needless to say, many began to speculate that Ellis was just confused and that his wife was simply a beard, allowing him to claim bisexuality while really being a homosexual man. Ellis rejected both assessments and wants people to understand that he is actually a bisexual man who enjoys sex with both sexes and just so happens to be married to a woman who loves him and lets him have the best of both worlds.  

Ellis’ wife sounds pretty friggin awesome if you ask me. But anyway, shortly after we ran that story, I was doing a little research on Ellis because now I’m like a total fanboy. I found the infamous and hilarious appearance Ellis made on Howard Stern in 2017. The show was a birthday celebration for actor and advocate, George Takei. As a birthday surprise, Ellis agreed to be a naked, unwrapped (not a foreskin pun) gift for Takei to stroke, hug, and feel up on the air on his special day.

It was pretty funny stuff, and something about a married-to-a-woman, naked, tattooed, ginger, MMA fighter from Australia, getting felt up by another dude, turned me into an insta-Ellis fan. Yes, that’s all it took. 

But that’s not the end of it. Now that I can’t get enough of all things Ellis, I recently Googled him again, looking further into his past shenanigans (ok searching for more of his online nudes). Quickly I came across the strangest combination of elements ever assembled. There was Howard Stern, Jason Ellis, Sal Pouch, nudity, studio assistants, Robin Quivers, and two guys’ large flaps of foreskin, into which they competed to see how many M&Ms (plain, not peanut I assume) could be inserted.

That’s right; I uncovered a 2010 appearance on Howard Stern, where Jason Ellis competed for the title of the most M&Ms stuffed into a penis’ foreskin. This is a contest he won by the way, and I believe the winning number of candies he stuffed into his junk was 53! That is almost an entire package of M&Ms!


It’s one of those bizarre things that is done no justice when someone explains it to you, so you’ll have to watch it yourself for maximum impact. In the end, I think this made me an even bigger Jason Ellis fan. I mean, I love big, Aussie dudes, and I love M&Ms. Put them both together, and it’s the perfect opportunity to see if M&Ms really only melt in your mouth -and not in your hands.  


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