The 5 Biggest ‘Leaked’ Stories of 2018… Who ‘Accidentally’ Showed Off Online?

Social media lately has become some what of a vessel for certain male stars to "accidentally" reveal themselves online. This refers to when a photo (or more) of their front of back side is leaked, and then the internet comes together to discuss what they are seeing in a variety of ways.

Whether this was something these men did on purpose or not, it helped their careers out in some type of way as it got people talking about them and wanting to know more in certain cases. 2018 is about halfway done, and in that time has produced a ton of leaked photos that many of us have consumed upon first click and discussed later (or enjoyed in the privacy of our own homes).

Let's take a look at the top five "leaked" stories of the year… so far.

Danny 'Tree Man' Jones Sports Major Wood

The social media star, who developed a major following due to his 6'7 appearance and people saying he looked like a "tree", caused mass hysteria when an alleged photo of his other type of "tree" surfaced online. It remains debatable if the photo is actually his, but if it is, kudos.  

Safaree Samuels Nudes are Leaked

The Love & Hip Hop star (and Nicki Minaj's ex) gave millions of viewers a taste of what he's truly packing downstairs during a deleted scene on the highly watched VH1 series, but many weren't prepared for when his actual nude photos were leaked. You could put an eye out with what he has to offer. 

Model Keegan Whicker's Insane Body On Display

Gorgeous model Keegan Whicker, who has posted some pretty naughty body shots of him in the past, went full throttle courtesy of some photos leaked on !! omg blog !! that got many people talking. 

Instagram Star Nathan Schwandt Enjoys a Shower 

Super cute Nathan Schwandt, who is dating makeup mogul Jeffree Star, definitely gave us a good reason to hit the showers when the photos of him getting squeaky clean sans clothes were released.

Branden Miller, aka 'Joanne The Scammer', Bounces Around

Branden Miller clearly has a lot hiding under his coat, as there were GIF's posted of him recently where he's completely butt naked and "bouncing around." 

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