The Boulet Brothers Deliver A Spooky ‘Dragula’ Spinoff With ‘Resurrection’

October is the season to expect all things spooky, but expect a double dose of fright as The Boulet Brothers are presenting their newest batch of contestants who will be competing in The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Resurrection. This new batch of ghouls will seem familiar to die-hard fans though, and with good reason-they are former contestants, hand-selected to return to the competition (and the possibility of competing on the upcoming The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 4). 


The cast of Resurrection represents some of the best and most ghoulish that have been a part of The Boulet Brothers game-changing Dragula series. Frankie Doom (Season 1), Loris (Season 1), Kendra Onixxx (Season 2), Dahlli (Season 2), Victoria Elizabeth Black (Season 2), Priscilla Chambers (Season 3) and Saint (formerly known as St. Lucia, Season 3). The episode will feature the ladies competing in a pageant-style format that was filmed earlier this year, and with all protections in place for cast and crew. The crew traveled to the contestants hometown to film them in (per EW)  self-styled-and-designed performative vignettes in pursuit of the prize — all strung together by the series’ signature scripted (and terrifying) cinematic shorts starring the Boulets. Swanthula Boulet says “those circumstances are reflected in some of the footage. It’s going to be a bit of a time capsule when we look back at this in a year or two or more, you’ll see the way America was affected coast to coast, in the four corners of the country.”

Resurrection, like Dragula itself is unique and daring in both it’s structure and it’s prodcution. While reality competition shows are known for having “all-star” seasons featuring competitors from varied seasons coming together on a season, Resurrection does that, but with a patented Boulet Brothers spook-tastic twist. Not only will the seven contestants be returning with a chance to compete for $20,000 cash prize, but they will be also competing for an opportunity to return for the upcoming Season 4 of Dragula

While gobbling up bugs and gore filled challenges may seem shocking at first, Swanthula Dragula indicates that the show is exactly what many see drag itself to be; rebellious, daring, and the epitome of pushing back on society. Swanthula tells EW “Facing your fears and breaking away from the things that hold you back is the real heart of Dragula as a show, the entire body is that exact punk rock, wild, anachronistic clash…. All of that projected perfection persists today, but underneath there’s real struggle in our society and people aren’t treated equally, and drag is a way to project those messages and comment on the social issues we’re all dealing with.”

“The Boulet Brothers Dragula:Resurrection” premieres October 20th on Shudder