The MAGABomber Told His Former Manager That She Would Burn in Hell Because She is a Lesbian

Debra Gureghian, the manager of New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen where the MAGA Bomber worked as a delivery driver recounts her encounters with Cesar Sayoc, who, in addition to being a domestic terrorist, was also a racist homophobe, according to a CNN interview that was posted on Raw Story

In the interview, Gureghian that she was surprised that he was the one sending the bombs, but she did note that she knew that he had issues and "beat to the beat to his own drum," saying that he was "anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Jewish" and that everyone who wasn't a white supremacist "didn't belong in the world." She also said that he was a good employee, as he was always on time and was always cordial to people, the customers liked him, and he got along with the other employees, but his political views scared him. 

Although he was a nice person to everyone, he did make it a point to tell Debra, an out-and-proud lesbian, that "God made a mistake" with her and that she will "burn in hell" along "with all the blacks, and Jews, and Hispanics, and everybody else." Gureghian also commented that he drove this van

to work every day, which made her decide to schedule him for night time deliveries, as the van was "freaky scary."

One of the more frightening aspects about all of this is that he appeared to be a normal American citizen (well, aside from the van) and that he dressed normally and was generally a nice person, but created over a dozen bombs to commit an attempted nationwide mass murder of prominent Democrats and people who spoke out against Donald Trump. Hopefully, there won't be a copycat criminal anytime soon. 



h/t: Raw Story

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  1. And, no, he wasn’t a normal

    And, no, he wasn't a normal American citizen in any way. He had a long history of arrests from crimes ranging from bomb threats to battery. He was living in the van because his family threw him out. He claimed to be Native American, but his father was from the Phillipines. And…he was born in Brooklyn. 


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