The Most Time Consuming Social Network Apps Are Revealed

I'm a little OCD when it comes to my 302 apps on my phone.  They all fit on one page and have their designated space. The ones I use the most don't share a folder with anyone as they are front and center, well not center but you know what I mean. The ones closest to my thumbs are the ones I use the most (Phone, Mail, Facebook, Messages, and Flipboard). I know everyone doesn't organize them as I do and we all use apps differently.

Which social media app is responsible for putting the most cricks in people's necks?

 Verto Analytics reported that the most time spent in the U.S. on a 'mainstream' app is the 899 minutes per month. The winner for sucking almost 15 hours per month out of the lives of the average user?  Facebook

Well that was the JUST the mainstream apps. Left out of the mainstream resluts results were our lovely LGBTQ apps. We do love our bookface, but what we love more apparently is the snaggle-toothed, yellow faced app Grindr where gay, bi, and curious men spent a whopping 1,040 minutes on average. Minutes into hours …  that's over 17 hours every month. Facebook was still high onthe list, but now second. Growlr, another networking/dating app for G & B & C(urious) men pulled in third place at 665 minutes per month, just a hair(y chest) over 11 hours.


Infographic: The Most Time Consuming Social Networks | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


There was a huge drop down to less than half of Growlr's audience to 305 minutes for Reddit. The two hundred minutes a month section found Snapchat (242), Tumblr (233), and Instagram (206) being fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. In a semi-depressing eighth place, Twitter seems to be struggling with its users signing in and viewing an average of 176 minutes per month. All figures refer to usage across every platforms, and not just mobile devices.

Which social media apps do you use the most?

Do you think Twitter is fading?

Why is Reddit so popular?

Which app is the most underrated?

Where's SCRUFF?


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