The Music of Bob Mould & Cher, Gay Super Heroes, & Venue In Trouble for Only Liking Pretty Lickable People.


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More Gay Men Rounded Up & Killed In Chechnya

Reports say 40 have been detained and at least 2 are dead



POOF DOOF Has Toxic "Brief" Shared On Social Media

Venue says document reflects past practices,
but will LGBT community listen or just jump
to hate? Where's my pitchfork!?!


LGBTQ Discrimination Banned In New House Of Reps Rules

First time LGBTQ protections have been adopted by Congress


Singapore To Make Adoption Laws Harder For Gay Couples

After one gay man found a loophole,
other same-sex couples must suffer.


Oscar Winner Lee Daniels To Make A Gay Superhero Film

Starring the martial artist "Super Bitch."


Hockey Players Can't Wear Jeans Because of Their Big Butts

We need to start a support group.

Gay Couple Arrested For Having Threesome On London Tube

Bet they regret recording themselves.


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Rob Gronkowski Drops Towel Too Soon in Changing Room

Oops! Rewind. Oops! (NSFW)


Apparently There's A Hierarchy In Dating Apps?

Is Grindr the new Manhunt? That's bad, right?


Boomer Banks' Gets Real About His 10-Year Challenge

It's an opportunity to go much deeper
than simply comparing two different photos.


Who's the New Hunk in Ross Mathews' Life?

Has he been traveling the world,
and living with his new boo?


Exclusive: Bob Mould – Out Music Icon Shares With Instinct

Hinks talks with Mould about Reagan, AIDS,
Gaga, Blowoff, IML, P-Town, Lumberjacks,
Wrestling, Hüsker Dü, EDM, & The World of Punk


"The Cher Show" Is The Must See Show of the Season

No Need To Turn Back Time, Broadway Brings
One Of Our Favorite Divas Front and Center


NYC's Julius LaCour is Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week

His Big Apple looks quite tasty and fashionable.


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