The Openly Gay Coach Who Was Suspended For A LGBTQ Charity Event Is Now Running For Office

Get ready New York voters to support a potential LGBTQ representative that’s trying to do good for the community.

As Lohud reports, Anthony Nicodemo has announced that he’s running for State Assembly.

If you haven’t heard of Nicodemo before, that’s ok, but know that he’s already done a lot of good for the LGBTQ community and for youth in his area.

Anthony Nicodemo is currently a teacher at Saunders Trades and Techincal High School in Yonkers, New York. He also spends his time being the head coach for the boys’ basketball team.

Earlier this year, Nicodemo was one of two coaches who were suspended for organizing an LGBTQ charity basketball game. The event raised $800 to support a local chapter of LGBTQ youth charity group GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”). Also, former Brooklyn Net player Jason Collins spoke about being gay in the NBA.



At the time, the coaches were suspended because New York’s Section One Athletic Council said they had failed to file the paperwork to sanction the fundraiser. No homophobic bias led to the suspension.

“This event,” tweeted Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, “allowed student athletes to support inclusion and diversity, which is what the city of Yonkers is about. My hope is that Section One reconsiders their position and a coach is not admonished over a technicality.”

At the time, Nicodemo also shared that he was worried that Section One's targeting the event would mean he couldn’t put it on in a following year.

“Next year when I try to host this event again, am I going to have schools say ‘no thank you’ because they’re worried they’re going to be targets of Section One?” Nicodemo asked. “That’s the chilling effect here.”

But, it looks like Nicodemo is taking matters into his own hands by running for office.



Anthony Nicodemo has announced that he’ll be running for the vacant seat in the 90th District of the state, which covers most of Yonkers.

“I’ve been representing Yonkers for years, and the City of Yonkers has been so supportive of my endeavors and what I’ve done,” Nicodemo says. “Shelly Mayer did such a great job of representing Yonkers and our kids, and who I thought can do a better job of replacing her than me?”

Nicodemo hopes to focus on the issues of education, gun reform, union labor, and LGBT rights, according to his website.

“It seems that human rights are attacked on a daily basis in our country,” he says in a campaign video. “Marginalized communities need an elevated voice in our society. No one should be discriminated against for being themselves. I plan on listening to these folks and helping create a better culture for everyone.”

Good luck to Nicodemo in this coming fall’s election.

h/t: LoHud, Outsports, NewNowNext

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