The Pulitzer Prize Celebrated Three Gay Writers This Year

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The 2018 Pulitzer Prize honored multiple writers this year and three of them happened to be openly gay.

The first winner was journalist Ronan Farrow who stated that he “identifies with the LGBTQ community” last month while giving an acceptance speech for a different award.

At that time, Farrow was accepting The Point Foundations’ Courage Award, and this time he’s accepting the Pulitzer for his work covering the Harvey Weinstein scandal for The New Yorker.

The next winner was novelist Andrew Sean Greer, who identifies as gay. Greer won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his novel Less.

Less follows the life of a man named Arthur Less, an aging novelist who’s career has never soared the way he wanted it to. Then one day, Less leaves his town to escape an ex’s wedding and he goes on a life changing journey across the globe.

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The judges of the Pulitzer say that Less is “a generous book, musical in its prose and expansive in its structure and range, about growing older and the essential nature of love.”

Lastly, poet Frank Bidart also received a Pulitzer for his writing. His collection of poems titled Half-light: Collected Poems 1954-2016 was considered by the judges to be “a volume of unyielding ambition and remarkable scope that mixes long dramatic poems with short elliptical lyrics, building on classical mythology and reinventing forms of desires that defy societal norms.”

Congratulations to the three men.

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  1. I praise Ronan Farrow on his

    I praise Ronan Farrow on his investigative skills and the contributions he makes, but “identifying” with the LGBTQ community is not coming out. E dry woman I know with a close gay friend could say the same thing. Identifying makes him an ally, not gay or bi. 


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