The Second Highest Ranked Senator Endorsed A Candidate Who Wants To Make Being Gay Illegal

It seems that a bunch of anti-gay Republicans are getting political positions of power in the country’s capital.

First, our president jokes that the vice president wants to hang all gay people, and now our Majority Whip is openly endorsing a man who wants to make being gay illegal.

John Cornyn from Texas is essentially the second highest ranked Republican in the Senate with the position of Majority Whip. And now, Cornyn has endorsed Alabam’s Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is one of the candidates running in a special election to fill a Senate seat that was left by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Alabamians will soon elect a new U.S. Senator and I hope they will vote for the candidate who will follow in former Senator Sessions’ footsteps as a tireless advocate led by principle rather than politics,” Cornyn said according to the Daily Caller, “That is why I am proud to offer my support to Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate. I look forward to working with him to pass legislation that will effect meaningful change for all Americans.”

The problem is that Moore is known for being highly controversial.

Moore is so controversial that he was kicked out of his role of chief justice in the Alabama’s state Supreme Court because he refused to honor federal laws.

In addition, Moore has very hostile thoughts on LGBTQ and Muslim people. In 2015, he said that homosexuality should be illegal and considered equal to bestiality.

He’s called homosexuality “an inherent evil” and says gay people, “practice an immoral act that less than 40 years ago was not to be mentioned in polite public circles.”

When asked about Moore’s beliefs on homosexuality, Senate Majority Whip Cornyn said, “I don’t have to agree with somebody to support them over the Democratic nominee. I support the nominee of my party.”

Then when asked about Moore’s sentiment that people like Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison shouldn’t be in Congress because he’s Muslim, Cornyn responded, “I have disagreement within my own family, doesn’t mean I care for them any less, so I support the nominee of my party.”

It seems that if Cornyn might want to consider that party loyalty isn't always the answer.

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  1. I can’t believe anybody would

    I can't believe anybody would think that a Republican senator from Texas would be anything but a whore


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