The Shirtless Violinist Gives Us “Beauty & The Beast – A Gay Fairy Tale” w/A Special Guest.


It seems that everyone is reliving the romance and love of "Beauty and the Beast" and we don't mind one bit.  There's no denying the story, tale as old as time as they say.  Love through adversity. Love conquers all. Love is Love.

Our Instinct friend, the Shirtless Violinist took a stab at retelling the story and invited his boyfriend and creative partner to join in.




My version of Beauty and the Beast is a soaring, sweeping musical “retelling” of the classic Disney fairy Tale with an LGBTQ twist. When the young “Bello” happens upon the handsome Shirtless Violinist, he concocts a plan that will surely get the violinist's attention…and perhaps even his heart. But in a world of enchantment, hidden identities, and secret admirers – will the truth reign supreme? Or will love turn out to be a real "drag"?

"It’s a tale as old as time."

When I first had the idea to cover 'Beauty and the Beast', I wanted to keep the video fairly simple. I envisioned myself (transformed as the Beast) with a beautiful dancer floating around me in a ballroom. No frills, no story, just a pretty song and some sweeping camera movements. But when the "gay controversy" erupted over the new live action version of the film, it sparked another idea:

What if, instead of a ballroom dancer, I asked a drag queen to perform with me?

While I was having a hard time finding a movie makeup artist who would render me as the Beast within my video's budget, I attended a local gay club that held a weekly drag show, intent on discovering my "Belle." I met with a few excellent candidates but none that truly captured the look and feeling I was picturing in my mind…

It was at that point my boyfriend (and director), Paul, turned to me and said,

"What the hell, why don't I just play Belle??"

From there we began to develop the underlying love story: Rather than focusing on the Prince's transformation from a beast, our version would 'flip the script' and portray Belle's metamorphosis.

Voila! A music video was born!

Thank you to my dear, sweet Paul for finally joining me in a video!! Who would have thought it would happen like this?? It was his very first time performing in drag and I have to say, I thought he was pretty damn good. (And cute, too!) A big thanks to the talented Isaac Meyers for making the makeup transformation possible.

We had a ton of fun creating this musical tribute to Beauty and the Beast, and I’m fairly certain it won’t be the last time we set foot in the magical world of Disney. With a twist of course!

We loved the piece.  Thanks as always Matthew Olshefski, the Shirtless Violinist.

Didn't you think that Paul had some similar features to Prince Adam from the animated movie?

H/T:  Shirtless Violinist

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