The Shirtless Violinist Helps Us Get Through The Work Week.

One thing that gets me through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is listening to music while at work.  Seeing that I work in a university's School of Music, this is quite easily done.  But there are lulls between classes and lunch times so the headphones go in. 

I've taken to listening to Youtube videos.  Yes, this sounds odd, but instead of finding a radio station, I'll go onto Youtube and let it play.  Some of our office's newest finds include the performances of Matthew Olshefski.  You can stumble on over to The Shirtless Violinist YouTube Channel and see / hear for yourself the talent that Mathew has.  For your convenience, we've posted three of his most recent pieces of work.

Now if you do just listen to them, you will not do his creativity justice for the imagery is amazing.  Below two of the videos, we've included some of his own Youtube post comments sharing where he shot some of his videos.

As a gay man I am a proud supporter of LGBT and social issues. In fact my videos proposes a campaign to give back to local charities.

Join the #ShirtOffMyBack movement by taking a picture or video of your charitable donation (it can be anything!) with the hashtag "ShirtOffMyBack" and posting it to social media. And remember; you don't ACTUALLY have to take the shirt off your back! Just take a cute picture and we will feature it in an upcoming music video! – Matthew Olshefski



Watch, listen, enjoy, repeat.


Rise – Katy Perry – Violin Cover


5 years ago I knew that I wanted to produce creative music videos filmed against beautiful landscapes. 5 years later that dream has become a reality!!! Thank you Paul for your tireless creative inspiration. Thank you Wynn for the Yeti microphone. Thank you Anne and Brian for pointing us down a dusty back road where we found that beautiful wine country shot.

Watch until the end of the video to learn about the Shirtless Violinist's mission and join me in the #shirtoffmyback challenge! 3:24

Locations include:

Mount Shasta, California 0:52
Napa Valley, California 0:08
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 1:35
Crater Lake, Oregon 1:52
Chuckanut Mountains, Washington 1:58
Portland Airport, Oregon 3:14
Whatcom Fall, Washington 2:24




Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga


Cold Water – Justin Bieber/Major Lazer



Shirtless Violinist covers "Cold Water" by Major Lazer (feat. Justin Bieber and MØ) and takes a cue from the lyrics, jumping into lakes, streams, and the chilly Pacific Ocean.

"I never thought I'd get to play a violin underwater! As you'll see in the 'Behind the Scenes' video, I couldn't stop laughing!!" – Matthew aka Shirtless Violinist

Shot on location in the Pacific Northwest, at scenic spots such as:

Bellingham Marina Park
Samish Overlook
San Juan Islands
Whatcom Falls
Puget Sound

Special Thanks:

Wynn Kendall for hit Yeti microphone and expert advice on set.
Kristina Turner at Kristina Turner Studio for providing the "stunt violins" — at least one of them died admirably!


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h/t: The Shirtless Violinist YouTube Channel

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