The ‘Switch It On’ Singer Did JUST That!

43-year-old English pop singer Will Young made news this weekend following his gig at Kew Gardens in London.



The original British talent show winner took the stage in black pleather pants despite the heat advisory warning. In case you didn’t know, England is seeing a heatwave this week with temperatures reaching the 90s.

Soon after starting his set, Young started to feel uncomfortable and told the audience, “I shouldn’t have worn these.” Still, he tried to power through, but the heat (in his pants?) became too much.

So, what would any great performer do? Well, Young stripped down to his underwear before he met with heat exhaustion – much to the enjoyment of the crowd.



The 13x platinum singer and 2x Brit Award winner is currently on tour promoting his third greatest hits album, 20 Years: The Greatest Hits

By the way, this isn’t the first time Young stripped his clothes off during a performance. This video, shot in 2016, shows just what he’s working when almost fully nude!

Not that the out singer was having any trouble putting butts in seats, but I think he’ll have a number of new fans after this performance. 

Next stop – Villa Marina, Isle of Man!

Source: LAD Bible

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  1. let’s hope he does a totally nude concert, and the footage is uploaded.
    more power to guys getting naked and not giving a toss who sees


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