The Woods Campground Owner Accused Of Sexual Assault

Patrick Gremling, the 54 year-old owner of The Woods Campground in the Pocono Mountains, was arrested Sunday for the alleged sexual assault of a minor on the resort property when the alleged victim was “middle school age” in late 2011. (Sources have indicated that the alleged victim was allegedly a family member who will not be identified in this article). The Pocono Record reports that the accuser (who is now an adult) reported Gremling to police last Friday. Investigators wiretapped a 32-minute phone call between the accuser and Gremling, who reportedly made “several admissions” and was arrested shortly after.

Photo Courtesy-The Woods Campground (website)

The report goes on to state that after being brought to the resort to prepare the property for the winter and that “the child spent the night in a camper after the work was done. They described to police the pajamas they wore and the couch they slept on, where the alleged assault took place. Gremling had touched the child inappropriately once before at a home in New Jersey in 2009, the accuser told police. He said the same thing both times: “Never tell anyone.”

Photo Courtesy-The Woods Campground (website)

Additionally, this is not the first time that Gremling has had interaction with someone underage. A source contacted me to provide information that several years ago, Gremling also allegedly tried to “sneak someone under age into (the venue will not be named)”. According to my source, Gremling asked my source if they could assist in getting someone underage into the unnamed venue after security for the venue noticed that the person Gremling attempted to enter with was underage. They advised that they felt that “he had no respect for me at my job” and that “an owner should know better”.

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Early last year, Gremling gave an interview to Woodall’s Campground Magazine. As resident of the Poconos area as a child, Gremling purchased the former hunting campground 17 years ago. He told the publication at the time “I always loved throwing parties, and I love the outdoors and camping with my husband. At The Woods, we have fun. I do my best when I’m developing a party atmosphere for our themed weekends. Gay men like to let loose, forget about their everyday job, and act like a kid again. We try to develop a community where they can be themselves.” 

A message left for The Woods went unanswered at press time. This article will be updated accordingly should 

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  1. Been to the campground and meet this Asshole he is a Asshole and the camp is Completely Disgusting they have this Dirty place called the Head Shed where they go in and have their Disgusting sex, the goal is how many cocks can they suck or how many times they can get Fucked! Stay away it’s Nothing but Drugs and Disease

  2. He owns “Curiosities coffee and ice house” on broadway street in Jim thorpe. Interesting it closed the day of his court hearing on the 19th. The campground is really creepy. Such a poor reflection of the lgbtq community. Hope his nephew finds justice and this creep goes away. Hope his other victims come forward.

  3. He’s out on bail and actively deleting comments from the private Woods facebook page trying to keep people from finding out. Blow it up.


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