There is a New Subset of Straight Men Who Like to Masturbate Together

What happens if you (actually) identify as straight but enjoy masturbating with your other (so called) straight male friends without touching?  This is what is now known as "buddy baiting".

Not only that, but there are also straight men who enjoy watching another man or two penetrate a woman, and become aroused by said woman but also enjoy watching the men in the scene.  They don't necessarily want to pound the guy, they just think it's hot.   The terms here are "“heteroflexible” or “straightish”.

Mel Magazine just did an article on this topic, which dissects how bendy a straight guy can really be when it comes to having fun with other men or the voyeuristic qualities each guy has.  

Take for instance Trey Lyon, who is a 32-year-old sex-positive, self-described bi/fluid man who runs a porn Tumblr billed as “definitive source for kinky straightish porn.”Straightish is just used to describe heterosexual sex that is homoerotic, or dudes engaging in the same sexual experience together, but with a woman,” he says.

They don't necessarily know how many men think of themselves as "straightish" but Trey reveals that his Tumblr site has 20,000 followers, many of whom are men who are curious about exploring this sort of identity.

There is also a term called FYFF (the term friendly fire means men who ejaculate on each other in these adjacent sex acts) mostly features porn involving two men and one woman in engagements that sprinkle heterosexual porn with homoerotic overtones — that is, a lot of two-dicks, one–vagina action.  It can be a variety of setups, but there are still two dicks there.

Trey's mission in this goes beyond curating titillating straightish porn though.  “It’s not only about getting off and jerking off to porn, but also me showcasing a version of sexuality that is heterosexual, but also very heteroflexible,” he said. “It’s me saying it’s okay for you to be engaged in these types of scenarios around women and men, and not feel your sexuality has to be threatened.

Trey goes way more into detail about this in the article, which you can see here. Should there be boundary lines for men who identify as straight but enjoy some sort of physical connection with another men, or multiple for that matter?  Or do they always have to fall in the gay box? 

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