‘There’s No Shame In Being Authentic And Loving Who You Want’

Fab The Duo – Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile

In this Instinct Magazine exclusive, glam pop-rock recording artists Fab The Duo premiere their brand new single – a haunting cover of Kim Petras’ “Heart To Break.”

“We are so excited to be releasing our first-ever cover, and we wanted to do something completely different and unique for one of our favorite songs,” says the real-life couple. “For such an upbeat song the lyrics are surprisingly heartbreaking and we wanted our version to express that.”


Mixing pop, rock, blues, and Broadway, the duo boldly declares they want to change the cultural narrative about love in the LGBTQ space.

“We’re two men in a healthy relationship not afraid to sing about being gay. Our main goal is to be the heroes we never had growing up. There’s no shame in being authentic and loving who you want.”

This summer, the duo released their new EP Our Love Is Resistance​, which included videos for the EP tracks “​I Want A Man​,” “​No Prince Charming (feat. MariahLynn)​” and “​Our Love Is Resistance​,” which follows the duo as they march down the streets of Manhattan towards ​The Stonewall Inn​.


They also recently dropped their quarantine pop-bop, ​”Party For Two​.”


Instinct Magazine recently spoke with the artists about their latest single, creating music in quarantine, and their philosophy of fashion.

Fab The Duo – Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile (image via Instagram)

Instinct Magazine: After the success of your original songs “Party for Two” and “Our Love is Resistance,” you’re releasing your first cover track – a haunting, power ballad take on Kim Petras’s “Heart To Break.” What drew you to the song and this dramatic rendition?

Fab The Duo: We love Kim Petras, not only because she’s such an important icon in the LGBTQ+ community but because she’s just an incredible pop star with an amazing voice and style. Plus, “Heart To Break” is one of our all-time favorite bops!

We wanted to do something completely different than the original version, and a dark, haunted rendition seemed perfect for Halloween Season. To us, the lyrics of the song are about giving all of your love to a relationship that is either toxic or non-reciprocated, and we wanted the music to reflect that anguish. It would be a dream if Kim Petras could hear it and like it!

IM: And speaking of “Party for Two,” the video is totally fun. Is the song really about taking a shower together?


FTD: It started out that way, yes. But the meaning of the song evolved for us over quarantine, as we were stuck in an apartment with just each other for months, and we had to find ways to have our own “party for two”. It felt too timely not to release during the quarantine age and we hope people can relate to the song and still be able to have moments of joy during these times.

IM: Describe Fab the Duo in one sentence.

FTD: Fab The Duo is epic gay alternative pop.



IM: Fab the Duo serves up some serious STYLE! What’s the philosophy behind all that fashion?

FTD: Like Marie Kondo, if an outfit sparks joy in us we wear it, no matter the box it was put in! We believe that fashion is one of the best ways of expressing how you feel and how you want people to perceive you. We’re just getting started with experimenting with our fashion but we’re excited to see where it takes us!

IM: What have you been doing during Miss Covid to keep your creative juices fresh? What do you do outside of music to help stay on balance?

FTD: We were super creative during the beginning of the pandemic and actually wrote a full-length musical! We still try to write a lot of songs but creativity comes and goes. We tried to keep busy during this time by binge-watching our favorite shows, cooking, going on walks, and devoting most of our attention to our dog.


IM: Everyone misses live entertainment right now. Will audiences get to see you perform live soon?

FTD: We miss live performance so much! We really hope to be back performing soon. We hired an incredible group of back-up dancers, so expect an incredible show when live entertainment is back. In the meantime, we’re trying to have some small acoustic shows and online performances, so follow us on our socials to stay in the loop on those!

For more information about Fab The Duo, head over to their official website here, and follow them on Instagram here.