These Same-Sex Performance Artists Are Going to Get Married in 24 Countries

Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom are two women who make up the artistic duo called JF. Pierets, and the two are getting ready for their biggest performance yet.


The performance artists have decided to go around the world and get married, in 24 different countries (including Belgium where they first got married).

The project, which is being called 22, after the 22 countries that had legalized marriage equality when the project became a concept, is still in its planning stages. (Note: the two said they won’t be renaming the project as it’s supposed to act like a time capsule).

According to the project’s website, 22 is meant to depict “the zeitgeist of a world in the midst of change when it comes to gender equality and human rights.”

The artistic duo want to show the majesty and globalization of marriage equality, but also they want to spotlight the fact that still so few countries have actually legalized it.


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In fact, the first concept for the project came when the two realized that not many people “are aware of the fact that there are so few countries where same-sex marriage is legalized.”

Right now, the two are in New York planning out the first wedding. Then, they will move on to the next country where they will stay for two weeks before then moving on to the next. This will continue until October 2018 in New Zealand.

Then, once all the weddings are over, the two will release an art and video depiction of the event.

Again, you can check out their website to find out more about the performance project and if you want you can click here to read about JF. Pierets’s earlier projects.

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  1. What is the ecological

    What is the ecological footprint of this joke ?
    Is this really necessary?
    Don't  you think this is a little hypocrite ; first protesting against global warming and now this?


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