These Two Have Reached Both The Height Of Success And Gay Icon Status

What does Madonna and Angela Bassett have in common? Well, besides both of them being Legends in their respective fields and both being Golden Globe award winners – the two share the same Birthday!

Credit: Angela Bassett and Madonna’s Instagram

These Leo Goddesses were both born as summer babies – and boy oh boy! their star power is still shining just as bright as the sun. Both Madonna and Angela Bassett celebrate their 63rd trip around the Sun. The two entertainment icons have achieved an immeasurable amount of success – Madonna being one of the most iconic Pop stars of all time and Bassett being one of the most respected actresses of her generation.


Madonna, who has won seven Grammy awards and is a mom of six children – is one of the most awarded artists of all time. With over 300 million albums sold, Madge holds the Guinness World Record as the best selling female of all time.

Let’s take a look at some of The Material Girls honors:

  • Ranked as the Greatest Woman in music by VH1
  • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008
  • Highest grossing solo touring artists of all time with $1.4 Billion in sales
  • Ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the Greatest Artists and Songwriters of All Time
  • Headline Performer at Super Bowl XLVI

There’s honestly not enough time in the day to mention all of Madonna’s many achievements. But we want to thank this Diva for always advocating for the LGBTQ+ community – Madonna is definitely worthy of her Gay Icon status.


Angela Bassett has a resume longer than The Great Wall Of China – and it’s her carefully selected rolls that she has chosen to transform into, that has garnered the respect and reverence from her industry peers. This Ivy League diva is known for iconic roles such as playing Tina Turner in the biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It (1993), as Bernie Harris in the cult classic Waiting To Exhale (1995) and most recently as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther (2018).


Bassett, an Academy Award nominated actress, has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most elite individuals; from the likes of Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jessica LangeSpike Lee, Ryan Murphy and countless other Hollywood heavyweights

Bassett was just named as the highest paid woman of color in a broadcast series, for her starring role on Fox’s 9-1-1 (commanding a healthy $450,000 per episode).

Bassett stole the hearts of gay men around the world for her portrayal (of another gay icon), Tina Turner. But the scorned woman out to seek revenge and (then) happiness in Waiting To Exhale (in my opinion is what) helped to catapult and solidify Bassett’s gay icon status.

Just like a fine wine, these two ICONS are getting better with age. Still gorgeous, still energetic, still relevant and still booked and busy – Instinct would like to wish both Madonna and Angela Bassett a Happy Birthday!

2 thoughts on “These Two Have Reached Both The Height Of Success And Gay Icon Status”

  1. Madonna –
    Referred to President Obama as a “black Muslim”
    She appropriated vogueing from black drag culture, and then profited hugely from it
    “You know, I may be dressing like the typical bimbo, whatever, but I’m in charge”, suggesting that women who dress a certain way aren’t in charge of their lives or choices.
    Her charity, which was supposed to build schools for children in Malawi, wasted $3.8 million dollars on “salaries, cars, office space and golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school’s director”
    Appropriation of the kimono
    Appropriation of Che Guevara imagery, sari, bindi, geisha, Kabbalah, and on and on and on.
    And let’s not even start on “the great equalizer”……
    Stop idolizing this problematic disaster


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