This Extortionist Demanded Money or Else He’d Leak Photos!


A man from Cleveland, Ohio has been charged with extortion after allegedly engaging in a sexual encounter with a Minnesota businessman and threatening to send nude photographs to his wife and business partners. David Cox, 31, met the businessman on popular site Adam4Adam and arranged to meet at the Marriott Hotel in Key Bank Tower in downtown Cleveland according to

The two began their online exchange early in the morning of May 30th which led to the businessman providing Cox with his phone number and hotel room number. It wasn’t until three long hours later that Cox showed up and the businessman expressed that he no longer was interested.

According to police, the businessman said that Cox “was nothing like the pics he showed me on the site” but that he refused to leave. In fact—he went into the bathroom and returned naked and the two STILL engaged in a consensual sex act. I mean, I guess if Cox had gone all that way…why not, right?

During the encounter, the businessman said he wanted to stop and asked him to leave, but not before giving him $40 because he bought drugs (which the businessman did not partake in).

Cox soon began contacting the business man demanding more money. When he requested $50, the man refused and Cox came back to the hotel to ask for $20 for parking. Soon the man had given Cox $270 to appease him.

But things escalated when Cox called and emailed the businessman threatening to send naked photos of the man on his wife’s Facebook page and email his business partners unless he paid him $1,500. Cox immediately sent a PayPal request for $1,500 but that is when the man went to the police.

David Cox is not currently in police custody and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Cox has a criminal history that includes a conviction in 2010 for aggravated theft after he robbed an elderly woman for $800. He served one year in prison after violating his initial probation of two years.

Like with all online and app dating (hooking up) use caution, boys! Play safe and be safe.


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