This Gay Filipino’s Heading To Mr Gay World

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We’re getting closer to Mr. Gay World 2019, and here’s a contestant who’s trying to win it all.

The Mr. Gay World contest is an annual event in which men from multiple countries around the world compete to become the human embodiment of the male gay community. These men not only speak out for gay rights and visibility but also participate in multiple facets of gay life and areas of their countries.


The contest contains several sections such as a talent portion, a speech portion, and a swimsuit portion. The primary purpose of Mr. Gay World is to identify leaders who will take on the responsibility of speaking for their local communities and that of the global gay world. The winner will then travel the globe as a representative at several events and act as a working model for several programs/products.

But again, the contestants for this global competition are all winners from their own countries. Each one beat out a national pool of competitors, and possibly a few smaller ones as well, in order to participate in the global event. The same can be said for the man below.

41-year-old Janjep Carlos will be representing the Philippines in Cape Town, South Africa from April 28 to May 5. Carlos won Mr. Gay Philippines just recently on March 31, but it wasn’t his first time competing. He’d tried for the title back in 2017 and lost to John Raspado. Raspado then later went on to win the Mr. Gay World title.


“I joined the national search because I really wanted to represent the Philippines in the international contest,” said Carlos to local news source the Manila Bulletin.

Carlos says that his main goal is to advocate for LGBTQ rights on a larger stage.

“I always work hard with the task that I am involved with. I always put my best foot forward. With the prestige of carrying the Filipino flag abroad, I also carry the hopes of people with depression. As what I have said, depression is real. Young lives have been destroyed because of depression. If you give me the chance, I will carry my advocacy into the international level. I hope that the international community will support my advocacy illness to wellness.”


Mostly, Carlos wants everyone to have the ability to be proudly gay.

“I have been traveling for quite a while now and I always tell them that I am a proud Filipino gay,” he says. “It’s because I carry with me the values many foreigners admire. Filipino gays are family-oriented, respectful, and we love our elders.”

Again, we’ll see how Janjep Carlos fairs later this month at the Mr. Gay World competition.

h/t: The Manila Bulletin

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