This Same-Sex Salsa Group Turns Up The Heat On The Dance Floor

Nothing make me want to move more than a good salsa beat! A few summers ago, I started taking salsa lessons with some friends after I witnessed some semi-pro dancers tear up the floor one night at a bar. I was so impressed that I was inspired to try it out myself. Although I've always had good rhythm, I never quite got past the first few set of steps, but I think I've mastered the basic, crossbody leads and cu​mbia moves–actually, everything I dance seems to look like a cumbia, so I think it's safe to say that I have no trouble in that department.

I thought I had given up on my desire to learn how to salsa, until I witnessed the video of Team Same Gender competing at the Ottawa Salsa Competition a few days ago. The dance team from Mexico makes salsa look effortless, and shows that partner dancing doesn't have to be a hetero experience. Just take a look at those spins and flips!

According to Dioney Da Silva, the team's director, the group formed because of the need to elevate same-sex partnering in professional dancing. They aim to fight homophobia and the stigmas surrounding gay men in Mexico and globally through their passion for dance. Yaassss, hunties!

I need to get back to my salsa lessons! Now, if I can just find myself a salsa-loving partner.

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