Tiffany Trump Has A Message For The LGBTQ Community

Image via YouTube | Tiffany Trump “LGBT For Trump” Full Speech (Pride 2020)

With The 2020 United States Presidential Election Two Weeks Away, Tiffany Trump Reaches Out To The Gays

Are you excited for the upcoming 2020 United States Presidential Election? In two weeks, we may see the end of an era to reigning President, Donald Trump, or will watch as former Vice President Joe Biden usurps the White House. Either way we spin it, an election cycle is always exciting, dividing, and at the same time – horrifying. Both Trump and Biden have gone out of their way to reach out to the LGBTQ community. In his latest effort, Trump sent his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, to speak at a Trump Pride Rally to connect with our community. Her ten-minute keynote speech Tiffany is anxiety-riddled, but perhaps not phony. Let’s dive in to a short detail of what she said:


Tiffany starts her speech by receiving a round of applause and blowing kisses to the crowd. She adores the attention and proclaims that she’s going to speak truthfully and honestly about her father’s support of the LGBTQIA+ (although she mistakenly[?] leaves out the T in LGBTQIA+). She proclaims that all of her best friends are gay and Donald has been an LGBTQ supporter since before he thought of running for President. In a surprising cameo, Tiffany’s mother and Donald’s second wife, Marla Maples, makes an enthusiastic appearance bouncing around and showing her pride in the LGBTQ community. Tiffany touches on the harrowing fact that her mother’s best (gay) friend died of AIDS and relays another promise that Donald will find a cure for AIDS in the next ten years. She mentions that Donald is the first President to put an openly gay man in the Cabinet of his White House Administration. She continues to ask us to see through the lies: Her father is not for Big Pharma or the status quo and we should appreciate the difference and change he’s been making for America. She is determined to instill in the LGBTQ community that the actual truth is Donald is a supporter and believes it’s hard to make a case for him when social media and mainstream media is brainwashing us into believing otherwise. She is firm when she tells the silent majority will be silent no longer. She reiterates that her father is not a Politician, he is against the establishment and that is what she feels America needs at this moment. Tiffany ends stating that eyes are opening and the censoring of her father’s supporters will soon come to an end.

There’s a lot to download in Tiffany’s speech. She clearly hasn’t gone to the Ivanka Trump public speaking classes, but she’s also less abrasive and more likeable than either of her older brothers. Tiffany’s allegiance to the LGBTQ community, or more particularly her gay friends, doesn’t appear fake. As she mentions, she grew up in Malibu, California, so most conveniently had gay friends all of her young-adult life. She isn’t lying when she states her father has a bunch of gay supporters, we know that to be a fact. However, it’s obvious that Trump likely won’t win over the LGBTQ popular vote across the nation. Still, Tiffany’s nervousness comes off a bit endearing at times as she speaks to “her people” and she doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in her body. On the flip side, Trump sent Tiffany out of everyone on his team to reach the LGBTQ community… when she really hasn’t been unearthed in the last four years. Although, perhaps she was the best to lead the charge because it did seem natural, but she is no Debbie Gibson. It’s all up for one’s personal opinion and we’ll be seeing that at the ballot box soon enough.

Check out the video below of Tiffany’s speech and feel free to think for yourself. Will Tiffany shift your vote?


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