TLC Star Randy Fenoli Shares His Romantic Engagement with Mete Kobal

‘Say Yes to the Dress’ star Randy Fenoli got engaged to his partner Mete Kobal on Saturday, and he shared all about his romantic engagement in a recent interview with People


The 58-year-old TV presenter got the help of planner Marcy Blum to put together the elaborate surprise proposal, which was held at the Marmara Park Avenue hotel in New York City. Fenoli told his partner of nearly a year that they were headed to have dinner at the Museum of Modern Art, but instead, he proposed to him in front of 50 of their friends and family, who were waiting for them at the hotel lobby.

“I just wanted to make it really special for him and make a memory that we would have the rest of our lives,” the TLC star said about his proposal.

Furthermore, Fenoli admitted that he wasn’t sure if he was ever going to get married prior to meeting Kobal.

“I’m the king of bridal. I’ve been doing this bridal for 30 years, and I honestly just never thought it was going to happen for me,” he expressed.


The TV personality continued,

“And I was OK with that. I was like, ‘Honestly I have my career, I have my home, I have my dog, I have my mom,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m just going to be single the rest of my life.’ And then I met Mete.”


Last January, the lovely couple met at the Marmara, where Kobal was working as the restaurant and bar manager at the time, and the two of them have been together ever since. Fenoli also revealed that they have already started their wedding planning sharing,

“We’ve been talking a lot about the wedding. We picked out our outfits of course.”


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