Todrick Hall’s ‘Bells Bows Gifts Trees’ Will Make Your Holi-Slay

Sleigh what!? Todrick Hall has reworked his now legendary track ‘Nails Hair Hips Heels’ for the holidays, serving up a brand new version titled “Bells Bows Gifts Trees” that is sure to help get us through a holiday season like we’ve never seen before. The accompanying video shows Hall and his legion of background dancers (including an out of drag Cake Moss) once again, in a warehouse. Garbed in vibrant red leather gloves and with a massive neon-green Christmas tree in the background, Hall hits every mark to pitch-perfect lyrics like “and then I trim the tree, it’s The Three Wise Men for me, Home Alone is on tv…Throughout the track there are faint sounds of jingling holiday bells and gift wrap tearing, adding to the holiday splendor and vibe of the track.

Of course, this is not the first time Todrick has put a new (and timely) spin on the pulsing track that made us all stomp the runway the moment it was released early in 2019. As the pandemic took hold this past summer, those very same dance floors were cleared, Hall dropped an entire EP exclusively of pandemic-related tracks (the aptly titled Quarantine Queen). The EP included a rework of ‘Nails Hair Hips Heels’ titled ‘Masks Gloves Soap Scrubs’ (with an accompanying video with guests including Tiffany Haddish, Kandi Burruss, Amber Riley & Peppermint). 

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