Tom Daley Hails a Ride in Just a Speedo & Sneakers!

Swimmer Tom Daley is just adorably cute, and cutely adorable.  No question about it.  His Instagram page has been making his fans go wild (in particular ones that highlight is bulge), and this latest post is no different.

The gorgeous fiance of Dustin Lance Black needed a ride to HelloWorld, which is billed as "An epic immersive live event like nothing on earth! This isn't their world, this is your world!"  Sounds like fun!

He's giving the sign to hail a cab, or a ride, wearing nothing but a pair of trunks and sneakers!  Looks like he's pulling out all the stops to get to this event, and we have no problem with it.  Here's the pic

It's the second time this week, by the way, that's he posed in this sort of "ensemble".  Last time he was sitting on stairs.  No problem with how he looks in either photo, Tom.  Keep rocking this look! 

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