Tom Daley Has Many Things to Celebrate this Month

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May 2022 has given Tom Daley many things to celebrate: five years married to husband Dustin Lance Black, his memoir recently released in the United States, and his 28th birthday.  The Olympic diver uploaded a video to his YouTube channel giving a small life update on May 9.  During the video, Daley talked about his trip to Los Angeles with Black and their son, Robbie Ray for the premiere of Under the Banner of Heaven, the FX/Hulu miniseries created by Black based on the book by Jon Krakauer. Daley also talked about some of his upcoming projects as well as teased some forthcoming storytime videos on how he met Black and the birth of their son.


Daley’s first storytime video was about how he and Black first met.  Daley mentions at the opening of the video that he filmed it on his and Black’s fifth wedding anniversary. Daley goes on to tell the story of how he and Black first met as well as their subsequent dates. 

While the couple’s wedding anniversary was May 6, Daley uploaded the video on May 15, however on the day of their wedding anniversary, he put up a sweet message to Black with photos on his Instagram account.


On May 17, Coming Up For Air, Daley’s memoir was released in the United States.  Daley shared with his Instagram followers his “whirlwind trip to NYC” for release day promotions and appearances.


Daley also celebrated his 28th birthday in style with family and friends at his and Black’s home in London on May 21.  On May 22, he posted pictures from the celebration on his Instagram account.

He also posted on his Instagram Stories a thank you to everyone who sent him birthday wishes.

Photo Credit: @tomdaley

On the same day, Daley uploaded another storytime video on YouTube about the birth of his and Black’s son, Robbie Ray, who turns 4 in June.

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