Tom Daley Makes a ‘Sex Education’ Inspired Gift for Gillian Anderson

Aside from being an Olympic gold medalist diver, Tom Daley is also a very skilled knitter. In fact, he was first spotted doing his creative hobby at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.


The 29-year-old British diver even created an Instagram account dedicated to his crocheted works, and it has a whopping 1.2 million followers as of this writing. Made With Love by Tom Daley is an account that features Daley’s creations, including bags, scarves, sweaters vests, cardigans, and even ‘Sex Education’-inspired keychains of the male and female privates…

(c) Instagram: @madewithlovebytomdaley & @lionbrandyarn

Not to mention, Made With Love also shares other people’s amazing crocheted works, creating a friendly community for people who love knitting. Going back to his ‘Sex Education’-inspired creations, Daley created an NSFW gift for Gillian Anderson, who is starring as a sex therapist named Jean Milburn in the hit Netflix show.

The gift in question? It’s none other than a rainbow-colored crocheted willy… Yup, you read that right. But that’s not all, as the diver also made Anderson beautiful pastel-colored cardigan. The ‘Sex Education’ actress posted about them on her Instagram account, and on the caption, she wrote:


“Wanted to say a huge huge thank you to the darling @tomdaley for knitting this fantastic jumper (and crocheted willy) for me to wear for our final season of @sexeducation!”

(c) Instagram: @gilliana

“Together we raised just over £12k for @mindcharity, which will be divided amongst 8 local Minds who work with LGBTIQA+ communities. Thank you for your stellar knitting skills Tom and for coming to visit me on set!

Swipe to the end to see the post that started it all (in 2021),” Anderson further expressed.

And on that note, here are some photos of Daley’s racy gift:


(c) Instagram: @gilliana
(c) Instagram: @gilliana


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  1. I remember him joking about making a line of willy warmers. I would have totally ordered one so I could say in some way Tom had his hands on my d. lol. I’m sure a ton of gay dudes would want one. I remember hoping/wishing Tom was gay way before he came out. My please be gaydar was strong.


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