Tom Ford Opens Up About Late Husband’s Passing & Selling His Company

Tom Ford recently opened up about a lot of intimate topics about his life, including sex, selling his company, as well as life after his late husband and fashion journalist Richard Buckley.

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In a November interview with GQ, the 62-year-old American fashion designer and filmmaker noted that “there are several reasons” why he sold his powerhouse company.


“I felt, after 35 years, I had said everything I could say with fashion. It’s important to know when to get off the stage,” he stated.

Ford continued by revealing his future plans after stepping away from the fashion industry, sharing:

“I loved making the two films that I made. That was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’m 62. Hopefully, I’ll remain somewhat together until 82. So I wanna spend the next 20 years of my life making films. And the clock is ticking. And so it was time to say goodbye to fashion.”

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Somewhere along the interview, he also admitted that another factor of his decision to sell the company was because of “Richard’s death.” Ford and Buckley were together for 35 years, and were married for 9 years.

In September 2021, Buckley passed away, and Ford is now living in Palm Beach with his 11-year-old son named Jack. Moreover, the magazine referred to Ford as “the King of Sex,” and he shared past stories about that during the interview.

“I had no idea that I was attractive as a kid. Nobody told me that. In high school, when I hit puberty, all of a sudden every girl fancied me. I was on the ski team. I had girlfriends. I had sex at a pretty early age. I drank a lot. I got high a lot,” he revealed.

The former fashion designer and filmmaker also shared the pep talk he used to give to models before his fashions shows in the past, recalling:


“I would give the models a talk right before the show, and I would say with my microphone—after I’d already had the drinks—“When you walk down this runway, everyone in this room should want to fuck you. Everyone.””

“Now I didn’t do that same speech for the last five years. I can’t say that to models anymore, “Everyone should want to fuck you,” but I used to always say that. And it was important even in the way they looked. In the way they walked,” Ford further expressed.


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  1. So sad, I can’t imagine losing my husband after 35 years of being together. Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are two fine older gay gentleman.


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