#Toronto Mall Takes Steps to Make it all Easier with Gender-Neutral Bathrooms.

Yorkdale Mall, located in Toronto, Canada, recently added a gender-neutral restroom in an effort to boost inclusivity, according to CBC.

Yorkdale is one of Canada's largest and busiest malls and with the holidays just around the corner, shoppers will be flocking to the stores to get their last minute shopping done and at least one person will have to use the facilities at one point during their gift-getting escapades, and Yorkdale's new gender-neutral bathroom will make it easier for shoppers to do so.

Schools, restaurants, and community centers are among other spaces that have installed gender-neutral restrooms in order to promote inclusive spaces for all genders, and now hopefully more malls will follow suit. 

A statement by the Yorkdale malls reads: 

"The new washroom provides an inclusive option for anyone, including transgender people, people of diverse gender identities and those who may require accompaniment of some kind."

It is no secret that transgender and gender non-conforming people are often given a difficult

 regarding the topic of which restroom they should use, so by Yorkdale sending out this statement, perhaps trans and nonbinary people will feel more accepted. The restroom has been open for about two weeks, and includes ten stalls. Options for male and female restrooms are still available, as the mall still has seven male and seven female restrooms for shoppers to use if they choose.

This mall isn't the first shopping center to incorporate gender-neutral restrooms, however. Ivanhoe Cambridge, a real estate company that operates 28 shopping centers across Canada, has had gender-neutral restrooms, starting with Vaughan Mills outlet, an outlet north of Toronto. Since then, the company has added twenty gender-neutral restrooms to nine of their properties and more restrooms of the same nature are suspected to be built in future properties.

Additionally, all renovations of existing properties require that gender-neutral restrooms be built. 

Judging by the fact that gender-neutral restrooms have been a thing for almost seven years without predatory incidents, it is safe to assume that building inclusive restrooms will not increase the rate of sexual assaults in public facilities. In my mind, building gender-neutral restrooms to promote inclusivity is common sense. We all use the restroom, right?

h/t: CBC

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