Toronto Pride To Be Defunded Due To Police Ban? Alternative ‘Unity and Inclusion’ Parade Being Planned For Same Day

Toronto Pride seems like it will be a bitter celebration this year. Please prove me wrong.

Snowballing from Pride Toronto Votes To Ban Police Floats and Marchers From Its Parade and Toronto Police Agree To Not Participate In Pride Parade, we are now approaching the defunding Pride Toronto.

There is a move underway by several city councillors to have Pride Toronto denied city funding because of its decision to exclude the Toronto Police Service from this year's festivities, CBC News has learned.

Coun. John Campbell (Ward 4, Etobicoke Centre) has drafted a motion, which he says he'll present at an upcoming council meeting, that asks city staff to withhold Pride's $260,000 grant "pending Pride's reaffirmation of its core value of inclusivity."

"Why is the city funding it, when they're using these tactics of exclusion against the police?" Campbell said Monday. Pride Toronto "got bullied into it by Black Lives Matter, and it was wrong."

CBC Toronto was in touch with Pride Toronto several times on Monday but the group has so far not offered any comment on the councillor's motion.

Campbell said he's had verbal expressions of support for his motion from seven other councillors: Mark Grimes, Justin Di Ciano, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Stephen Holyday and Jon Burnside, Michael Ford and Giorgio Mammoliti.

Burnside, who represents Ward 26, Don Valley West, was a police officer from 1991 to 2001. He told CBC Toronto he has participated in the Pride parade several times as a police officer and later as a politician.

"If Pride wants to exclude the police, it's absolutely their business," he said Monday. "But part of my job is to decide on funding, and I think that [the ban on police] not only sends the wrong message, it's counter-productive." –

Our friends over at DailyXtra share with us that there's a movement

Unity and Inclusion Toronto is asking for donations to help fund an alternative parade.

After eight months of heated debate over Toronto’s Pride parade, a group of Torontonians is now asking for donations to throw its own parade — one that would include the police and take place on the same day as Toronto Pride 2017.

Billed as the Unity and Inclusion parade, the organizers intend it to be an alternative to Toronto’s Pride parade, which recently decided not to let uniformed police officers march in this year’s event.

The organizers — Bryn Hendricks, Colton Evans, Adrian Cornelissen and Christopher Thorn — sent out a fundraising letter on March 15, 2017, asking for donations to help fund five complaints on behalf of Toronto police against Pride Toronto at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal as well as costs associated with the parade.

“Although we are not organizing an entire festival, organizing a parade also has financial costs including permits, applications and other printing and general expenses,” the letter reads.

The letter asks supporters to deposit donations to an RBC account or as an Interac e-transfer.

“Once the police and law enforcement are welcomed by Pride Toronto, any remaining funds will be donated to them,” it reads. – dailyxtra

You know my personal opinion about this subject. If you exclude the police, you will need to exclude all the churches no matter if they are accepting of us or not.  And all the politicians will need to be banned since politicians have passed legislation that has hurt us in the past and today.  I so want to yell at someone every time this matter comes up.  Okay, here's me yelling …


I need to stop typing and move on to pictures of rainbows and cookies.

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Toronto Pride To Be Defunded Due To Police Ban? Alternative ‘Unity and Inclusion’ Parade Being Planned For Same Day”

  1. The organizers of Toronto

    The organizers of Toronto Pride need to resign. In they're utter stupidity they have hurt the very cause the are supposed to be supporting. 

  2. BLM hijacked the parade and

    BLM hijacked the parade and the pride organisers bent over and took it. Now they're paying the price. 

  3. The problem is Pride Toronto

    The problem is Pride Toronto and BLM did not have a full conversation with Toronto's LGBTQ community before making their decision. These are the consequences. I hope there is not a rival parade because it will only fracture the city's gay population and it's supporters even more. 

  4. Another example of Social

    Another example of Social Justice warriors shutting down anyone that doesn't subscribe to their totalitarian views.  Whatever happened to free speech and inclusion as a hallmark of a free democratic people.  Some people seem to value the virtue of being a victim as more important than inclusive participation and open discussion.  Instead of shutting down police participation, how about open and honest dialog while working together to address the issues.  BLM Toronto could have protested the police while they marched in the same parade.  Sad.  I hope they can work it out.


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