Trace Lysette Is Telling Crucial Stories In ‘Trans In Trumpland’

Almost each and every time we have seen Trace Lysette in front of the camera, she has been a storyteller. Whether she is telling the groundbreaking story of Shea on Transparent, or the surely multi-layered Tess on Pose, Lysette has the ability to convey the specific trans experience through her performances while also truly inhabiting those roles. In her latest role as one of the Executive Producers in the documentary Trans In Trumpland though, is telling the stories of other people who are living in a world where continued discrimination (and sometimes worse) remains unfortunately prevalent. 

Photo Courtesy- Variety (via Trace Lysette)

The press release indicates that “each episode of the series focuses on a different trans person who is living in ‘Trumpland’, states where they face transphobic laws as well as discrimination and violence.” Director Tony Zosherafatain will travel across the country, shedding light on the trans experience in America, while giving the director himself the opportunity to come to terms with his own experience as a trans man. The series’ subjects run the “intersectional gamut, from 13-year-old Ash in North Carolina, home to the infamously discriminatory “bathroom ban,” disallowing trans people from using the bathroom of their true gender, to Shane from Idaho; a Native American Army veteran who speaks out against the Trump administration’s trans military ban.”


Some of the stories of people living in “Trumpland” include Ash, a 13-year-old North Carolina resident, the same state that is home to the discriminatory bathroom bill, which didnt allow trans people to use the bathroom that matched their own gender. Viewers also get to know Shane, a Native American Army vet from Idaho, who speaks out against the Trump administration’s trans military ban. 

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