‘Training Your Jaw’ Could Have A Different Meaning In The Gay World

Model Luca Marchesi (images via TikTok)
Model Luca Marchesi (images via TikTok)

You may have seen some web ads for a small device that promises to help you train your jaw muscles which is supposed to result in a younger, stronger jawline.

You basically grind on a small plastic/rubber object for several weeks and ta-da!

But for one TikTok user, his results didn’t receive the welcome he expected.

Now, first thing we have to say – when we read “train your jaw muscles,” we totally had something else in mind.


Second, the TikTok user in question is model Luca Marchesi of Milan, Italy. Five days ago he posted this video showing his progress with his ‘training,’ and asked if it was “too much?”


Not only did his followers think it was “too much,” but they told him so in no uncertain terms.

Just a few of the comments:

“Gonna turn into a triangle soon if you don’t calm down.”
“If you want to look like a bike seat…”
“How do I say ‘it looks horrible’ in your language?”
“Alvin and the Chipmunks have been real quite since you dropped this.”
“Alvin, come get your brother.”

Marchesi sees only upside to his new pumped up jaw. For instance, in this recent TikTok he shows how he can slice a banana open with just his jawline. You know, for all the times you need to do that.


But having received an overwhelming number of negative remarks, Marchesi told his followers he’s thinking about closing the account. Even though he’s amassed over 948,000 followers, the model says four out of five comments are negative and it’s not fun anymore.

Metro spoke to a dentist and Invisalign expert, Dr. Martina Hodgson, who says “Over-developed masseter muscles – whether unintentional through teeth clenching, grinding or deliberate – can cause problems such as migraines and TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain.”

“These are the muscles that connect the jawbone to the cheekbone and help us to chew, so an over-development in this region is not advised,” she added.

If Marchesi were to change his mind on the new look, Hodgson suggested a course of Botox injections would be in order to help relax the muscles and also reduce inflammation.

And an expert on cosmetic procedures told Metro using dermal fillers would have been an easier and more targeted way for Marchesi to achieve the look he wanted.

But who knows? It seems like the self-styled ‘CEO of jawline’ (as he likes to call himself) seems to like his look.

And just to be clear, it’s obvious he was born with a handsome face. And totes handy if you ever need to slice a banana…

Model Luca Marchesi (images via TikTok)
Model Luca Marchesi (images via TikTok)

(source: Metro)

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