Trans Activists Booted from Pence Rally

At a Mike Pence rally that took place in Savannah, Georgia that took place on November 1, four transgender activists were told by a state trooper that they had to leave the public event that they had registered to attend because they were trespassing, according to LGBTQ Nation.

Rainé Eliza, who is the person who recorded the video below, and three other transgender activists recently attended a rally held for Representative Buddy Carter, who has a history of being anti-LGBTQ and also wants transgender people to be prohibited from serving in the military. Mike Pence was scheduled to speak at the event. 

Buddy Carter recognized the activists from a campaign barbecue that they attended. Upon recognizing them, Carter spoke jovially to them and asked them if they enjoyed the barbecue and said that he enjoyed having them there. Rainé asked him how he felt about trans people and Carter said that he had no comment and then walked away. In my (albeit anecdotal) experience, many political candidates simply don't care about LGBTQ rights. 

Moments later a state trooper appeared in front of them to escort the activists out of the premises or they would face arrest for trespassing. At a public event. That they registered for. I can't see how they were trespassing… something tells me their escort was much more sinister… How ridiculous. 

As they were leaving, Rainé chanted "You cannot erase trans people!" While leaving, a man wearing a "Gays for Trump" shirt said, "I'd love to, though." Now I am not going to go into the infighting regarding transgender people within the LGBTQ community right now because this would be a much longer post. What I can say is that people aren't shy about their transphobia and now actively display it to the world. It's a sad state of affairs when the literal President of the United States is attempting to erase trans identities and someone from the group that transgender people belong to agrees with him. What a shame.




h/t: LGBTQ Nation, Facebook

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