Trans Students Can Now Shop Freely With Clothing Closets

Transgender individuals have been subject to judgment,  harassment, and violence for too long. Add on to the fact that many LGBTQ students pay for tuition entirely by themselves and you get a harmful environment for transgender students. There are colleges in America that are attempting to reverse the hostile conditions for trans students, however, by opening clothing closets, reports Dazed.

Schools across the country, such as University California, Penn State, and West Virginia Marshall University opened clothing closets to create a safe and judgment-free environment for transgender students who don't have the opportunity to safely try on clothes without being talked about or stared at, as well as students who can't afford to buy clothes because they're burdened with tuition prices. 

The items available in these clothing closets range from formal clothing to swimwear to chest binders to perfume and jewelry, donated by other students and people in the community. this will make it much easier for transgender students to dress as they would like in the company of like-minded people and to wear outfits that match their gender.

More and more people are coming out as trans and nonbinary and coming out always carries a degree of risk as there is no way for anyone to truly know how others will react. The colleges who have clothing closets for transgender students are doing a great and charitable service, as LGBTQ people, specifically trans individuals, face unique challenges and by having a judgment-free area to be themselves, trans people will become more comfortable with their gender identity. 

h/t: Dazed

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