Trans Woman Confronted in Restroom in MS Casino

Alexus Tate, a trans woman and frequent gambler at Gold Strike Casino in Robinsonville, Mississippi, was confronted and questioned by a security guard for using the women's restroom, according to WREG.

Alexus says that she goes to Gold Strike Casino every week and has never had a problem until recently. While on her way to the restroom, she was confronted by a security officer who said "You don't belong in there." This is unfortunately not the first time a transgender woman has been harassed in a public restroom.

Tate said that she has been using the women's room at the casino for the six years she has identified as a woman. After leaving the bathroom, the security guard embarrassed her by asking to show her ID to prove that she is a woman. She presented it and the security guard said, in front of everyone, "No! That's not how it goes!"

Tate said that a janitor at the casino said "Why is it in there?" while Alexus was using the restroom.

A friend that was with Tate corroborated the incident.

Tate went to other staff members of the casino to complain about the insensitive guard. In one call with a casino representative, Tate said that the casino was apologetic but also said that the guard would not be fired. 

She was offered free plays and a stay at the casino's hotel but she said that she already receives those things. The incident bothered Tate so much that she has been unable to sleep.

In a statement, the owner of the Gold Strike Casino said:

Inclusion is a core value for MGM Resorts, and all security officers are trained on our company’s policy of allowing guests to utilize public restrooms based on the gender with which they identify.

Clearly, that is not true. The security officer should have been fired for violating casino policy, but unfortunately, transphobia is just as pervasive as homophobia but often goes unpunished.

h/t: WREG

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