Troye Sivan Covers BILLBOARD For Its First-Ever Pride Issue

Out pop tart Troye Sivan covers Billboard Magazine for its first-ever official Pride issue this week.

In a candid interview, Sivan opens up about coming out, the incredible rocket ship ride that is his career and how he feels being a face of the ever-evolving LGBTQ community.

“I do feel a little bit like a guinea pig sometimes,” Sivan tells Billboard. “That the world or the press or whatever is sort of using me and a bunch of other young people right now as education points, [like] we’re teaching the world about all of these different things.”

The “My My My” singer also notes that he’s in a fortunate situation to create the music he wants without much interference from his label.

“I’m lucky enough to exist in 2018 where I have a record label that’s like, ‘Write whatever you want to write.’ I don’t have to hide anything,” says the 23-year-old.

“I’m honored to have this opportunity to write an album about my relationship, but in the process, be writing an album that I’m hoping is going to mean more, because I didn't have albums like that growing up.

"Just by the nature of who I am, the idea of writing openly and not watering stuff down for a straight audience … If I’m being honest about my life then, you know, I am writing about nights like [ones in] ‘My My My!’ or ‘Bloom.’"

His songs already garner attention for their overt sexual tones. The title track for his pending sophomore album, Bloom (due out August 31), appears to be the first anthem to bottoming: “Take a trip into my garden / Might tell you to / Take a second, baby, slow it down.”

And another song on the  upcoming album, “Seventeen,” is about an older man the pop star met online. The relationship, labeled “taboo” by many, has primed Sivan to prep his eventual response to the reactions.

“I’m worried because I don’t want to ever come across that I’m condoning that or anything like it,” says Sivan. “But I felt, greater than all of those worries, a responsibility to tell that true story — of the curious gay kid who puts himself in some kind of shady situation to find a connection, like all of us crave.”

Billboard goes in-depth with Sivan about his coming out journey which apparently began with a four-hour conversation with a teen friend at the age of 14. It was a short time later, at 15, he told his parents. 

The experience was positive says Sivan. “They leapt immediately into, ‘Are you OK? How can we equip you to deal with this?’” 

In fact, his first Pride parade became a family affair.

“They were like, ‘Oh, we’re 100 percent coming,’” recalls Sivan, smiling at the memory. “Even though it was mildly embarrassing — I walked in the parade with my parents and my [two] brothers and my sister — it was cool because I realized that they weren't just tolerant of their gay son, they were stoked and proud.”

The article is a great read for fans. And for its insight into how artists are ‘happening’ without having to take the traditional route of catering to a mainstream straight audience first on the journey to success.

Sivan dropped his latest track from Bloom, a duet with Ariana Grande titled, “Dance To This.”

The Aussie artist says it's "about how, after a while, all of these parties and nights out kind of start to blur, and you get to the point where staying at home and making food and making out in the kitchen sounds like the ideal night.”

Check it out below.



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