Troye Sivan Drops “One of Your Girls” Steamy MV with Ross Lynch

And if it wasn’t hot enough for Troye Sivan and his newly released album, well, it is now after Ross Lynch joined him in the music video of “One of Your Girls”.

(c) Troye Sivan – One of Your Girls

The music video shows black and white clips of Sivan and a shirtless Lynch, while the clips of a woman (Troye :)) have color.  Troye looks fantastic and beautiful. The song is very sensual, which is fitting for the two hotties who are starring in the video.


As we probably all know by now, Lynch is not only known as an actor and singer, but also as a pro thirst trapper both online and on stage. Very much alike, Sivan can be described the same way, and the two of them in one MV only means we’re set to fall for their sexy charm.

“One of Your Girls” is among the ten songs included in the 28-year-old Australian singer-songwriter’s third studio album, Something To Give Each Other, which is out on October 13. Talking about the album in an interview via AP News, Sivan stated:

“I want people to know I’m OK. Things are good. Life is fun. Sex is great. From the second they click play on the album, I wanted to slap them across the face.”

“It was a feeling that I knew that I was feeling in life that I hadn’t yet managed to distill. When we finally got ‘Rush,’ I was like, ‘OK, this feels exactly the way that I want it to feel and communicates exactly what I wanted to communicate,’” he further shared.


On that note, here’s Sivan’s “One of Your Girls” music video, featuring Ross Lynch, to kick off your listening party for the newly released Something To Give Each Other album:


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  1. He’s personally one of my favorite gay artists. Kudos for having Ross Lynch (please be gay in real life, my dream) in the video. Two of the sexiest twinks in one video. Too bad the song is one of the worst I’ve heard from him.


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