Troye Sivan Opens Up About Being “More in Touch” with His Femininity

Troye Sivan was recently hailed as GQ Australia’s Man of the Year for 2023, making this year even more eventful for the out singer as it draws to a close.

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During his acceptance speech for the award, Sivan began by reflecting on his deeper connection with femininity, stating:


“It’s not lost on me the irony of me winning man of the year when I did drag for the first time this year.”

The 28-year-old Australian singer-songwriter was referring to dressing in drag for the steamy music video of his song “One Of Your Girls”, which is also featuring internet boyfie Ross Lynch as his love interest.

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Sivan then opened up about having lived in a “grey area” between femininity and masculinity, and eventually working through it.


“I feel more in touch with my femininity than ever, and I think it speaks to a point I’d really like to make, which is that my relationship with masculinity has been very strange my entire life. Unlearning and de-programming all of that has taken so many years and lots of people,” he continued.

The “Got Me Started” singer also noted,

“I’m so lucky to have incredible women in my life. I pull so much from them, and their strength and power is something I’m in awe of. I also have incredible men in my life.”

“And the biggest thing for me has been the queer people in my life that I’ve met along the way,” Sivan further expressed.

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  1. I’ve been surprised at how much I like some of the remixes and even some of the sons off his new album since Bloom left me highly underwhelmed. He also makes good points in the parts of this speech which are quoted.


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