Trump’s Own Justice Department Ends Clinton Probe After Coming Up With Nothing

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A few days ago, Donald Trump’s own appointed Justice Department announced that after its targeted investigations against Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and the mythological “Uranium One” deal, it has concluded, without finding any criminality or tangible results. That’s right, “Lock her up!” was all BS.

The highly political investigation was instigated heavily by Donald Trump after he took office, with many speculating that he did so only to deflect from the continuing chatter that Russia helped him win the 2016 election. We know today that a combination of misinformation campaigns on social media and coordinated efforts to harm Clinton through hacked emails and other sabotage was orchestrated by Putin and his associates to benefit their preferred 2016 candidate, Donald Trump.

It is alarming that a sitting US President would use his office to go after political rivals, especially as in this case, where the GOP Congress seemed complicit in letting Trump denigrate the office in such a manner. Still, that is what occurred in 2017 as Trump and a few like-minded GOP lawmakers attempted to force then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate Clinton.

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It’s a story that I need not hash out here but instead refer you to The Washington Post for a fuller context. What I will leave you with, however, is a chilling thought I shared on Facebook when I first read the DOJ conclusion had exonerated Clinton from any crimes. My post quickly was shared nearly 100 times that day, which surprised me because that was not the intent. Needless to say, as a Clinton supporter I along with millions of Americans knew she had not committed any crimes, but this whole thing had to play out.

The DOJ’s conclusion made me angry; angry as a voter who witnessed a bogus “Lock her Up” campaign derail the presidency of one of the most talented and significant political minds ever in American history. We all were robbed of the strong, skilled and thoughtful president we deserved. More profoundly, though, I learned something quite disturbing from all of this and here is how I expressed it in my Facebook post:

“Just so we’re clear, Trump’s own Justice Department just concluded its investigation of Hillary Clinton.”

Findings: 0

“This woman was robbed of her rightful due, but this is more than an American travesty. Women specifically should be alarmed by the 2016 election because it is a clear example of what weak men will do to stop a powerful woman from advancing. It’s the same type of thing that is done to ethnic minorities through gerrymandering. It is a move based on fear, insecurity, and in most cases, inferiority.”

Yes, history books by default will always say Donald Trump became the 45 President based on the antiquated loophole in our constitution known as the electoral college. Those same history books, however, will also say that Hillary Roddam Clinton is the first woman CHOSEN by the people to be the President of the United States of America – only to have it thwarted by the treachery of the fragile, straight male ego.

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